Taking Professional Painting To A Higher Standard

Residential & Commercial, Interior & Exterior, Stain & Finish, Repair and Maintenance

Your not picky… you just want it painted perfectly with no unexpected costs and you want it done yesterday. Oh… and be polite, professional and don’t make a mess.

We can do that.

At American Quality Coating we have but one goal. To make you feel like yours is the only project on earth from the moment you contact us. 

From the pre-paint inspection, to the bid, to the finished job, your satisfaction is guaranteed with AQC paint. We can do that because we paint to a higher standard of excellence and professionalism.

We understand that all you really want is the interior or exterior of your home or business to look stunning, to stay that way for a long time, and to have it happen with as little disruption or inconvenience as possible.

You will be pleasantly amazed by the level of professional service you will receive from the moment you call us.

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