We Can Do That

We can do that.

At American Quality Coating we have but one goal. To make you feel like yours is the only project on earth from the moment you contact us. 

From the pre-paint inspection, to the bid, to the finished job, your satisfaction is guaranteed with AQC paint. We can do that because we paint to a higher standard of excellence and professionalism.

We understand that all you really want is the interior or exterior of your home or business to look stunning, to stay that way for a long time, and to have it happen with as little disruption or inconvenience as possible.

You will be pleasantly amazed by the level of professional service you will receive from the moment you call us.

  • You will always receive a highly detailed bid which clearly explains what you are paying for. And that’s what you’ll pay…no hidden charges.
  • You will receive, when desired, help with color choices.
  • You will not hear any loud music, cussing, or non professional blabber.
  • You won’t see anyone smoking or eating a big greasy cheeseburger on your Persian rug.
  • No one will ever ask if you have an extra ladder or drop cloth.
  • You won’t see a big mess when were done for the day or when the job’s done.
  • You will be happy that you chose us, so much so, you will recommend us to friends.

But don’t take our word for it.

“I appreciate your detailed proposal, quality paint job and that all was accomplished on schedule.” Gerald,Wenatchee,WA

“We appreciate your excellent service, thanks for being so thoughtful and professional” Sandy & Gordie

Listen to what Marc Straub, executive director of the North Central Washington Home Builders Association has to say about us, and why he chose us here. AQC Marc S Testimonial 06-23-11

And we have hundreds more happy, satisfied customers right here in North Central Washington. You probably have a friend or neighbor who would highly recommend us.

Before you choose us, or any painting contractor though, take a look at the Consumer’s Guide to Choosing a Painting Contractor.  As you might guess we would not put a link to that information on this page if we didn’t do everything that it says you should expect.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose AQC.

  • First you can expect a pleasant conversation that’s all about you. Your project, your desired outcome, your questions and concerns. We’ll ask you questions to make sure we are giving you the benefit of our years of experience insuring that when all is said and done, you’re happy as a kid at their birthday party with the finished job.
  • You can expect a pre-paint walkthrough where we talk about everything from color choices to how we’ll fix those cracks, blemishes or other problem areas.
  • You can then expect a very detailed, easy to understand and fully explained written bid.
  • You can expect that we will stick to that bid, no surprises.
  • You can expect only highly skilled, experienced, professional painters on site. We do not use sub contractors.
  • You can expect that at the end of each day and at the end of the project we will leave as little of a footprint on your life as humanly possible. Our goal is for you to say, “except for the gorgeous paint job, it looks like they were never here”. 
  • You can expect the best paint job you have ever seen. We do a minimum of two coats, do things like back brush or back roll in between coats and a whole bunch of other Ninja painter stuff to insure your paint job looks perfect, and that it lasts. Truth is we’ve spent years learning how to prep and apply paints, stains and finishes the right way. So they not only look beautiful but stay looking that way for years to come.

We’ve learned everything about painting….so that you don’t have to.

  • You can expect a post paint walk through where we make sure we did it right (and fix it if we didn’t).
  • You can expect a two year written warranty (this is actually really easy for us because it’s pretty much never been needed. But you’ll get it just in case).

Are you expecting too much? No way, it’s your money, your painting project and we’re just honored to have the opportunity to meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations.

Bottom line is with AQC there’s no surprises accept the good kind. We have built our business by being the best, neatest, most polite and professional painters on the planet.

Ask around, people you know, know they can depend on AQC to take professional painting to a higher standard.

Call us today at 509 663 1300 or click here to schedule a free estimate.

P.S. We work all of our projects in the order they are scheduled. That’s how we can guarantee yours gets done on time, as promised. So call us today at 663 1300 or click here  and we’ll get started on your painting project as soon as possible.

AQC Paint, taking professional interior & exterior painting to a higher standard.